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How to enable tethering on a Fairphone 2

Nowadays, never mind where we go, we almost need Internet access all the time. So we will see how to connect any devices through wireless LAN or through USB thanks to tethering.

I've used my Fairphone 2 to make this How To but I guess it must be the same for any android phones.

  • First, you need to open Settings :
Android Settings icon
  • Tap Network & internet :
Android Settings Network and internet
  • Tap Hotspot & tethering
Android Settings Hotspot and tethering

Now you have the choice to enable USB tethering or Hotspot WiFi as I will describe below. I personally use USB method because it's easier.

Enable USB tethering

  • Connect your USB cable from your phone to your computer then tap to enable USB tethering.
Android Settings USB tethering off
  • Done, you now have access to the internet.
Android Settings USB tethering on

Hotspot WiFi

We can also use hotspot WiFi on our android device.

  • First, tap WiFi Hotspot menu.
Android Settings Wi-Fi hotspot
  • Then, tap Hotspot name to define a SSID. You can set everything you want, it simply defines your WiFi name.
Android Settings Hotspot name Android Settings define Hotspot name
  • Once the SSID is set, tap Hotspot password to define a password. Once again, you can set everything you want.
Android Settings Hotspot password Android Settings define Hotspot password
  • Switch on the Hotspot.
Android Settings Wi-Fi Hotspot off Android Settings Wi-Fi Hotspot on
  • Done, you now have the SSID and the associated password to connect with your others devices.
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