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GNU/Linux - How to monitor Internet link latency

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We will see here how to monitor the latency of an internet link with SmokePing on Debian.

The goal is to have a graphical view showing the latency of the internet link over time.


  • OS : Debian 11 (bullseye)
  • SmokePing : 2.7.3


  • Update package sources list :
root@server:~# apt update
  • Install smokeping package with the required dependencies :
root@server:~# apt install smokeping
  • Connet to the web page :
  • After a few minutes, you should see some data appear :
smokeping graphs
SmokePing Charts view


Now we will see how to add destinations we want to monitor. For the example I will choose to test CloudflareDNS, GoogleDNS and Multihost (which will be the average of the two previous values).

  • Edit /etc/smokeping/config.d/Targets file :
*** Targets *** probe = FPing menu = Top title = Network Latency Grapher remark = Welcome to the SmokePing website of xxx Company. \ Here you will learn all about the latency of our network. + Local menu = Local title = Local Network #parents = owner:/Test/James location:/ ++ LocalMachine menu = Local Machine title = This host host = localhost #alerts = someloss ++ CloudflareDNS menu = Cloudflare DNS title = Cloudflare DNS server host = ++ GoogleDNS menu = Google DNS title = Google DNS server host = ++ MultiHost menu = Multihost Google and CloudFlare title = CloudflareDNS and Google DNS host = /Local/CloudflareDNS /Local/GoogleDNS
  • Restart smokeping service :
root@server:~# systemctl restart smokeping.service
  • After some minutes you should see our new graphs views :
smokeping graphs
SmokePing Local view


  • Run smokeping in debug mode :
root@server:~# sudo smokeping --debug
  • Smokeping work folder :
root@server:~# ls /var/run/smokeping/
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