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How To : Packet Filter to block IPs address from a blacklist

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This How-To guide demonstrates how to use the Packet Filter firewall to block IP addresses using a blacklist file, similar to how PeerBlock works on Windows. Compared to Netfilter, Packet Filter offers better performance and more flexibility for customizing your firewall rules.


  • OS : OpenBSD 7.3


Download a black list

We can download list from For example download the PrimaryThreats here. We need to unzip and format the file to make it work with Packet Filter.

  • Get the list :
root# wget "URLtomyremotelist" -O
  • Unzip the list :
root# unzip
  • format the list :
root# cut -d ":" -f2 list.txt | grep -E "[0-9]{1,3}\.[0-9]{1,3}\.[0-9]{1,3}\.[0-9]{1,3}" > blocklist.tmp root# sed -i 's/-/:/' blocklist.tmp root# for i in $(cat blocklist.tmp); do echo "$i"; ipcalc -r "$i"| grep "/" >> blocklist; done
  • Copy the blocklist file to /etc/blocklist :
root# cp blocklist /etc/blocklist

Packet Filter

  • add the list to Packet Filter rules :
#sets the maximum number of entries allowed in PF table. set limit table-entries 1000000 table <blocklist> persist file "/etc/blocklist" pass out on $wan pass in quick on $lan inet proto tcp from to any port { 80, 443 } block quick log (all, to pflog0) on any from <blocklist> to block quick log (all, to pflog1) on any from to <blocklist>
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