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Main ssh commands for Unifi Access Point

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I will put here the ssh commands for Ubiquiti WiFi AP that I use.

Connect to AP via ssh

Ubiquiti Device Discovery

If you don't know how to get the IP Address of your APs, you can use the Ubiquiti Device Discovery tool to find it.

Ubiquiti Device Discovery

Connect through ssh

  • Once we have the IP Address, we can connect through ssh (default login/password : ubnt / ubnt) :
user@host:~$ ssh -l ubnt
Ubiquiti ssh prompt

ssh password for already registered devices

I will show here how to get or set the ssh password for a Network Management Controller registered device.

  • From the Network Management Controller, go to settings :
ubiquiti manager dashboard

From the Classic interface

  • From Site menu, check Enable advanced features and click on Apply Changes :
ubiquiti manager Site menu
  • Still from Site menu, you should now see the Device Authentication section. From there you will have the possibility to show or set the ssh password :
ubiquiti manager Site menu, Device Authentication

From the New interface

  • From Network Settings > Device Authentication menu, you will have the possibility to show or set the ssh password :
ubiquiti manager Network Settings, Device Authentication, ssh authentication

Set temporary Network Configuration

To be able to download the latest firmware, it can be useful to know how to set networks parameters.

  • Add ip address :
UBNT-BZ.v4.3.21# ip addr add dev br0
  • Del default gateway :
UBNT-BZ.v4.3.21# ip route del default
  • Set default gateway :
UBNT-BZ.v4.3.21# ip route add default via
  • Set dns :
UBNT-BZ.v4.3.21# echo "nameserver" > /etc/resolv.conf


Firmware Upgrade

If we want to upgrade firmware from ssh, first go to webpage. And get your firmware device URL.

Ubiquiti website url download
  • Now you can start the firmware upgrade :
UBNT-BZ.v4.3.20# upgrade
Downloading firmware from ''.

Scheduling firmware upgrade...
Waiting for upgrade to start...


  • To get main informations as model, version, MAC etc :
UBNT-BZ.v4.3.21# info
Ubiquiti ssh informations.
  • Reset device to factory defaults :
UBNT-BZ.v4.3.21# restore-default
  • Or :
UBNT-BZ.v4.3.21# set-default
  • Set Unifi Controller :
UBNT-BZ.v4.3.21# mca-cli
UniFi# set-inform http://your.unifi.controller:8080/inform
  • Set password :
UBNT-BZ.v4.3.21# passwd
  • Reboot AP :
UBNT-BZ.v4.3.21# reboot
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