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How to block Windows Store or any other application with GPO

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In a company, as a responsible system administrator, you don't want to let your users install or run any programs on their computers (yes they are often poorly educated). Windows Store is a open door to this type of behavior, so it may be worthwhile to prevent it from running on the company's computers.

And this is exactly (how lucky you are…) what we will see in the following article. In fact this method can be used to block any application you want.

To do so, we will use the Software Restriction Policies.

Create Group Policy Object

From our Active Directory server we will create a new GPO.

  • Open Group Policy Manager console :
Launch Group Policy Management Console from Run window
  • Create a new GPO and link it to OU where you have your computers objects :
Create a new GPO from Group Policy Management
  • Give a name to the new GPO :
New GPO name
  • Edit the GPO :
Edit a GPO
  • Go to Computer Configuration > Policies > Windows Settings > Software Restriction Policies. Do a Right click New Software Restriction Policies
Add a New Software Restriction Policies from Group Policy Management Console
  • Then from Software Restriction Policies > Additional Rules
Add a new path rule from New Software Restriction Policies
  • Add «%programfiles%\WindowsApps\Microsoft.WindowsStore*» inside Path and select «Disallowed» in Security level :
New Path Rule Windows in Software Restriction Policies GPO

Open Windows Store

  • Once the strategy has been implemented, users will see this window appears in case they try to run Windows Store :
This app can't run on your PC window
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