How to Upgrade the firmware with the command line interface of Allied Telesis switches

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We will see how to update the firmware of Allied Telesis switches.

Note : We will need to set up a TFTP server, if necessary you can see how to proceed for Windows and GNU/Linux.


Switches models

  • Switch model : x530L Series
  • Switch model : x530 Series
  • Switch model : x930 Series

Default password

  • Default login / password : manager / friend


  • Copy the new firmware to your TFTP root directory.

Check space

  • Check how much space is free :
awplus> enable
awplus# show file systems

Copy firmware

  • Copy the new firmware from the TFTP server onto the switch :
awplus# copy tftp://IP_TFTP_SERVER/firmware.rel firmware.rel
    • Example :
awplus# copy tftp://IP_TFTP_SERVER/x930-5.5.0-2.12.rel x930-5.5.0-2.12.rel
    • Not tested but we can also do it from USB :
awplus# copy usb://IP_TFTP_SERVER/x930-5.5.0-2.12.rel x930-5.5.0-2.12.rel
  • Check the presence of the file :
awplus# dir flash

Reboot on the new firmware

  • Set the switch to boot from the new release :
awplus# configure terminal
awplus(config)# boot system firmware.rel
  • Check boot options :
awplus(config)# do show boot
Boot configuration
Current software   : x930-5.4.9-2.4.rel 
Current boot image : flash:/x930-5.5.0-2.12.rel (file exists)
Backup  boot image : Not set 
Default boot config: flash:/default.cfg
Current boot config: flash:/default.cfg (file exists)
Backup  boot config: Not set 
Autoboot status    : disabled
Boot Security Level: none
  • (Optional) Set a backup release to load if the main release file cannot be loaded :
awplus(config)# boot system backup x930-5.4.9-2.4.rel
  • Reboot to load to load new firmware :
awplus(config)# do reboot

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